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At Clair Obscur Multimedia, our extensive production background is your ticket to engaging, professional-quality videos that get results. From online clips to TV commercials and everywhere in between, you can rely on us and our expertise to facilitate the process from beginning to end.

We work hand in hand with you from day one to ensure development, shooting and post-production all progress smoothly and efficiently.

Company Profiles
Present your business in its best light

Looking for a contemporary, yet classic, solution for showcasing your business? Let us tell your story and capture what makes you tick on film. We can take care of every single detail – writing the script, arranging interviews, shooting the necessary footage and putting it all together in the editing room. Our expert input is the best way to make your company shine.

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Health and Safety Tutorials
A picture is worth a thousand words

Workplace health and safety are vital issues in today’s business world. We can help you create state-of-the-art video tutorials to train your staff and nip potential problems in the bud – and all at a budget-friendly price. Leave the ounce of prevention to us – and you won’t have to worry about the pound of cure!

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Corporate Promos
Set the right tone

The key to an effective corporate promo is striking a balance between information, emotion and the “wow” factor. Backed by years of experience covering the entire communications gamut, we know how to deliver powerful messages and visuals, without overselling (or underselling) your company. You can trust Clair Obscur Multimedia to capture the perfect tone every time.

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Video Ads
Speak your customer’s language

Your products or services are designed to meet a specific need. Our job is to leverage our creativity, our imagination and our market savvy to reach out directly to your existing and future customers who have that need and show them what you can do for them. When it comes right down to it, advertising is an art – the art of drawing people in, and the art of winning people over.

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Online Clips
Show the world who you are

The Internet is an invaluable medium for maximizing your global exposure and visibility at a relatively minimal cost. Online video clips are an excellent way to get your message out there or to make your website more dynamic and interactive… and turn eye appeal into buy appeal!

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