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Sylvain Fortier


Burning with a passion for photography and video, Sylvain founded Clair Obscur Multimedia in 1994. For over 20 years, he has exceeded everyone’s expectations in creating quality projects thanks to his attention to details, his talent and his valuable expertise in professional imaging.

Jeff Malo

Photographer, Director of Photography and Editor

Outstandingly creative, he brings energy to any set he works on and video he creates. Jeff is specialised in light painting, a photographic technique through which light is shone onto a subject to create forms – a truly illuminating experience!

Dominique Thomas

Creative Writer and Editor

Dominique adds the finishing touches to the various narrated or written words part of your videos to optimise the scope of your communication. With her eagle eye, she always finds the right way to showcase your company in its most favourable light while making you save time and money in postproduction.